Saturday, 19 January 2013

Getting giddy

I've not sold many books through Amazon to date - and I am very grateful to anyone who has bought one.  I put stuff up through Smashwords, and I have sold half a dozen there - and I am just as grateful.  However I have only just realised that I may have sold books elsewhere.  It has taken a few months for the penny to drop that Smashwords do distribute to places like Kobo and Sony and if some have been sold there, then they may not immediately show.  I have always been a bit rubbish at actually getting things like this.  It is not a useful character trait.

So I went on a bit of an ego trip, and I had a rummage in some of the places that Smashwords distribute to, and found that in the category of contemporary fantasy priced at 99c I am approximately (too giddy to remember the actual numbers) 250 out of 450 in 'bestselling' order.

It is a bit hard to grasp.  I mean, people out there who I don't know may have bought a book.  This is taking it out of the literary equivalent of tupperware, selling to family and friends, and into a scary place.  And I don't know how many yet I've sold.  I am guessing around six or so, which is a big deal for me, a big step out into a scary world. 

According to Smashwords refreshingly open t&cs I should be updated at the end of January.  Today is the 19th January.  I have twelve days to go.  I shall be a wreck by the end of this.  I could have it all wrong, there may be no sales (and I will be devastated now, rather than all accepting as I was before I looked), but if there is more than six it will be equally shocking - and mean that I have to be a bit more serious about my writing.

Watch this space for self indulgent stressing!

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