Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lady Dinah's Emporium

According to the BBC someone in London is opening a cafe where you can go and get a coffee and cuddle a cat.  It is for those who cannot have pets but have a deep, deep yearning to stroke something feline.  The news story is here and it isn't even 1st April!  Apparently they are going to have segregated areas so the cats are not in the food area, due to hygiene regulations.  Two things occurred to me when I read that.  The first point was that someone has obviously never had to keep a cat out of a place that they wanted to get into.  The second thing was that the sort of person who wants to go into a cat cafe is likely to have a calm attitude to cat hair as a garnish. 

Last night DH watched, laughing helplessly, as I tried to pour a glass of diet coke while Smoke was sitting across my throat and objecting to every arm movement.  First the paw stretched out lazily in front of the bottle, then the tail wafting and shedding over the glass, it was a masterclass in how a cat can interfere with a drink.  And they want to open a cafe.

All I can say to them is, 'Good luck!  You will need it!'

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