Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Getting used to things

I am now on a 'new to me' laptop and I miss my mouse!!!!!  Sorry for the exclamation marks, there, but I really am at least five exclamation marks stressed by no mouse.  I also am finding the keyboard layout a bit of a trial.  When you use backspace as much as I do, and it moves, you are challenged.

The other interesting thing is watching the shortcuts on my toolbar grow.  Obviously I have BBC news and hotmail.  I have a few fragments to show I am trying to be a proper author and put up interesting things on facebook and twitter.  I don't actually have much to say that is worth putting on facebook and twitter but I am at least making a token effort.  There is the Amazon self publishing home page, and Smashwords (I love Smashwords) and Goodreads.  I have Wikipedia up there, as I am always looking for information - like how to make a mickey finn and whether I could get the ingredients on ebay.

But speaking of ebay, it is the shopping that is spreading slowly but surely along the toolbar. All those lovely links to cut price shopping.  I am considering hiding those as I am doing far too much shopping as it is.


  1. I had the same problem, but I bought a 'cheap' mouse and plugged it into the laptop - problem solved.

  2. I have just caved and got a small and inexpensive mouse from ebay. It is definitely a sanity saver!