Saturday, 23 February 2013


I have been known to do the ego trip of googling 'Lyssa Medana' and seeing what comes up.  It's the usual places, and I don't mind.  Publishing two unadvertised books since May last is not going to make me into an internet sensation.

I have found my pen name in some odd places, but none that I minded.  However can I just say that the stuff that I have written is likely to be at it's cheapest at Smashwords, and I get the biggest cut there.  Other places sell it at around the same price, like the Sony ebook store and Kobo, and I think Diesel.  If you are happy shopping there, that's great.

I have found stuff elsewhere slightly more expensive, and I wouldn't get a bigger cut.  If that suits you, then that's fine, but I thought it worth giving a heads up.

As far as I can tell, less than a year in, I'm not likely to get rich from writing.  And I'm okay with that as well.  I like writing.  So far my royalties probably haven't covered the cost of electric for the  computer but who knows.  Smashwords give me a really generous cut of what they get.  I am grateful that anyone has paid for my stuff.  If you are going to give me the kindness of paying for what I write, the least I can do is point you in the direction where you pay the least.

And thank you for reading my stuff.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that.

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