Saturday, 23 February 2013

Not enough time

There is not enough time - and I am held back because I have a tabby fighting me for the keyboard.  But how many ideas for stories are there out there!  There is a story on the BBC website here which tells of an old house where they have found a room with no windows and no doors - they only found it when they were putting in internet.

Was it for a priest during the days of the persecution of Catholics?  Possibly not, it seems a bit late though I am not an expert.  Was it for a mad wife?  A disobedient child?  Was it for forbidden treasure or was someone hoping to conjure Mephistopheles?

Sigh.  Too many stories out there to write.


  1. Oh yes, cats can make the act of writing exponentially difficult. But, levity aside, having too many ideas on hand is not a bad thing. Some writers have the opposite problem, i.e., not having anything to write about. As between both, the former is preferred.

    As for not having enough time, that's a matter of discipline. Sure, writing is a hobby for some, and for others a livelihood. Ultimately, it boils down to: "What will I do less of today so to make time for writing?"

    While this is not an easy question to answer, the act of writing becomes easier when you make it a habit. Set a time of day, find a comfy chair, and write. Do this the following day, and so on. You may find that after few days you will have formed the habit of writing.

    In our opinion, we believe the hidden room with no windows or doors was a writer's den, where he or she could retreat from the outside world and get to writing all those stories.

  2. After the feline antics today, the writer's room makes perfect sense!