Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Smoke is sulking

Smoke has always had a bad habit of standing to scratch.  She looks like a small terrier when she does that, to a chorus of 'sit down to scratch!'  She really does give the dignity and elegance of cats a bad name.

She just tried to scratch her ear with her hind leg, standing as usual, misjudged and fell over.

I laughed like a drain, so she is sitting across my throat again, leaking smells and I am hoping my touch typing survives typing around a very cross tabby.  She will forget very soon though, or rather, she will know she is sulking but can't remember why.  In some cats of nearly nineteen it could be a sign of senility, but not Smoke.  She's always been like this.  If she did go senile we would never notice.  She may have gone senile already.  She can still manage to steal from an unattended plate.

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