Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Note from School

I have six working days to get a wig/coloured hairspray/facepaint sorted out for bear for Comic Relief Day. 

DS, who is six, has very clearly and firmly indicated that he would prefer face paint.  That is fine with me on one level.  On another level - I don't know how to paint his face!  I am the person who can't draw stick figures.  I cannot, absolutely cannot draw.  I have the artistic ability of evil cat.  Actually, I have less. 

So he will be going in non uniform clothes which will at least spare his good uniform white shirts from getting covered in face paint.  And I will have to work something out about face paint.  Not only will I have to work out what to do with his face and practice how to do it, but I shall also have to paint his face first thing in the morning when I am not actually conscious before 10am.  Sandwiches are done on autopilot. 

And I can pay £1 for the privilege as a 'voluntary' donation.

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