Saturday, 30 March 2013

Smoke is helpful

I was filling in some surveys.  I am not sure how helpful I am sometimes because I answer as honestly as I can but I don't seem to fit in any of the neat boxes.  One 'tester' came to the conclusion that I would never shop online for groceries.  I can't be doing it right.

Anyway, I plod on and do my best filling in the survey on holidays.  They want to know about the whole household.  DF would go on holiday all the time to destinations exotic, I love day trips to historical places and DH and bear would rather not leave the house, thank you so much.  It's a bit of a challenge.

Fortunately a lot of my answers were taken out of my hand as Smoke jumped on the keyboard and resisted all attempts to remove her and clung on until we had got past all the Disney pages.  I am not sure whether I will now get a brochure in the post or an injunction to keep away  I had to give her treats to get rid of her - and now she knows how to get treats out of me.

I have been trained by my cat!

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