Thursday, 18 April 2013

Keeping busy

I will be starting a serial soon, set in the same background as 'The Forgotten Village' but not the same location.  This time it will be set in York, UK.

It's a long time since I visited York, I am embarrassed to admit, and I don't foresee many chances to visit, even though I could do with the research and I love York.  So I am googling and reading and remembering.  I've had holidays in York and loved them (if you go I recommend the Castle Museum and The Shambles) and I worked for a few weeks there, spending my lunch hours wandering around enjoying the 'feel' of the place.  York is supposed to be the most haunted city in England and the place is thick with stories and legends.  It is a very ancient place, so all the more reason for it to be over-run with boggarts and elfen.

I am being very upfront about how I am going to do this.  The plan is to have thirteen episodes, one posted every week on this blog.  These are, of course, free to read.  I shall leave them up at the end for a few weeks more.  Then I shall start another series, and when I do that I will take the first series down and publish them through Smashwords at their minimum price (currently 99c).  However you will not need to buy it, as you will be reading this for free on the blog as they are posted.

(btw Woman's Weekly used to do similar, my mother used to get the magazine and read the serialised romance and then you could get a (very cheap) book of the serial, usually three together in a binding.  They may still do)

I hope you will enjoy reading it.  After all, if an elfen and a 'normal' open a shop together, there are bound to be a few stories to be told.

First chapter up soon.

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