Monday, 1 April 2013

Truth is stranger than fiction

I've just been doing some research.  I've been mulling over some plot lines for the next but one novel and also some short stories I have been thinking about and I looked on ebay under 'Metaphysical and New Age'.

I couldn't put half of the things on there in a novel.  It wouldn't seem plausible.  There is a magical herb starter kit.  It looks very useful, the seller seems very reputable and the sort of seller I would look for when doing business and they have great feedback.  It's just some of the 'buy one get one free' offers, and the kits and collections seem so incongruous.  It just seems so far removed from the fictional world where spells and herbs are so arcane and not found on the same site as bulk packs of toilet paper and great deals on new and used children's clothing.

Mind you, many years ago I went to Todmorden where there was a New Age Shop.  It sold guaranteed used coffin nails but we couldn't go in as the sign on the door said, 'Closed for Herb Gathering'.  That's the sort of thing I would expect if I wanted to get hold of magical incense.  Not an internet site where I can also get excellent deals on knitting yarn. It takes all the story away.

However, I admit it, I have had some great ideas spinning off the stuff I saw on ebay.  I'll just have to tone it down a bit


  1. The beautiful thing about fiction is that it can be plausibly implausible. Sure, your fictional world will have rules that it should (most of the time) abide by. But if you, as the author, craft a compelling story with likable characters, your story can be all the better for its plausibility or lack of plausibility (if you prefer).

  2. I have decided to loot shamelessly for local colour. Amazon have loads as well. If it sounds contextually true then I can play...

    Thank you for the comment. LM x