Friday, 25 October 2013

Broken Laptop

The case has gone on my laptop.  It was 'new to me' and inexpensive so I was okay with that.  However I could do without it - I've about 5000 words left on Digging up the Past and I left it at the start of a big scene. 

One thing that was really important.  I had to clear my browsing history.  The very nice man who will be mending my laptop is connected to my husband's work.  I didn't want to try and explain that all the searches on how to kill someone were research for a novel.  I wasn't sure I would be believed.  The tags on the browser bar are bad enough.  If we met up at a work do I would probably get a funny look just on those. 

So only a few thousand words more, then I am probably going to work on 'A Quiet Halloween'.  Or perhaps 'A King's Silver'.  Or possibly 'A Shop Full of Secrets'.  That is, once I've got my laptop back. 

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