Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Father and Alcohol - again!

Father likes a drink.  He is 82 and I don't feel I have any right to try and stop his consumption.  He is in pretty good shape and getting around quite well after his stroke in September.  He's out tonight at the Jazz Club where he will have four or five doubles and come rolling home. I am fine with this.

I suspect that father knows that his consumption is a bit high, and so it makes life a lot easier if everyone else is drinking, because if everyone else is drinking, then it can't be that bad - right?  At the weekend he and DH took on a bottle of Black Grouse and came second.  He is always encouraging DH to have a whisky, and it seems churlish to say no, so DH has now got a (actually quite reasonable and sensible) whisky habit.  Last night he was encouraging DH to keep drinking while I had another glass or two of that vile Amaretto.  Actually I'm sure it is very nice to those who like it but the 'mugged by Christmas Cake' feeling is a bit off-putting.

The only reason I have been asked to drink Amaretto is that father doesn't like it and can't bear it to go to waste.  However father has worked out that I quite like Cointreau but I haven't been getting any in as it seems quite a lot of money to spend on something that you just drink.  I may as well have a cup of tea.  Father does not agree with this.  He think alcohol is something that should be embraced.  He keeps buying me bottles of Cointreau.

I already had two unopened bottles of the stuff in the cupboard, plus one with a few drinks out of when he comes in with another bottle of the stuff and an enormous box of Maltesers (yes I want to lose weight, and he knows this but son will help me out here).

I may have to smuggle some out and donate if this carries on.

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