Sunday, 18 May 2014

Strange Meeting Place

Another wonderful prompt from Write on Edge.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Steve worked hard to keep his face.  All of the older faerie had the ability to create their own pocket worlds, their own domains.  So why this particular lord was using an abandoned multi-storey car park was a mystery.  Moss and weeds tumbled over the dark courtyards and the claustrophobic atmosphere was affecting more than him.  Armani had taken one look at the place and climbed into Steve's inside pocket. 

Steve walked warily past the stained pillars and knots of people around the scattered braziers.  Lord Gwill Mawr waited on a large makeshift throne at the far end of the central floor of the building.  While the rest of the building huddled in gloom, Lord Gwill Mawr had arc lamps rigged around him and growing lamps focused on ferns draping luxuriantly over the wall behind.  It was very well staged. 

"You sent for me, Lord Gwill Mawr," Steve said respectfully.
Lord Gwill Mawr inclined his head regally.  He was wearing the glamour of a street beggar with a tattered hoodie.  "I thought it best to meet here, Steve Adderson, merchant.  You are becoming quietly adept at elfen magic but here in your normal world you are slightly less dextrous.  I thought this would make a good meeting place for trade and counsel."
Steve glanced around at the miserable courtiers.  "I have never thought to understand the complex depths of the elfen lord." He said tactfully.
A smile flickered across the eyes of Lord Gwill Mawr.  "I will be having my accustomed feast on the last day of October, and I would have great things.  A few brief months ago there was no knowledge of such wonders as edible glitter and popping candy or the wonders of the colours that you have brought to so many courts.  That Lord Ragnar has a candyfloss machine is a source of stories.  But such things come at a cost, even with your know acumen and fair dealing."
"I have to make enough to eat and pay my dues." Steve said carefully.  "I am sure no elfen would deny me the fruits of my hard work."
Lord Gwill Mawr shrugged slightly, baffled as all elfen by the concept of working.  "I can offer you little coin.  However I can offer something that while not currency may be of value."
"I am willing to trade fairly, but Halloween is only a month away and negotiations take time." Steve felt Armani digging deeper into his pocket.
"I can offer you the long, faithful love of Elaine, guaranteed for her mortal lifetime, to be ever true to you." Lord Gwill Mawer studied his broken nails.
"A bought love is worthless."  Steve kept a lid on his emotions.  He may be inwardly reeling but he couldn't risk letting his guard down.
Lord Gwill Mawr sat back confidently "I can offer you something that you desire more, something that you have already touched on, something that drives your study of magic.  I can offer you the name of your father."

If you are interested, the Steve Adderson story is on the side bar here.  I am still chipping away at making it into a novel, and as I write the novel all sorts of other things are coming out.  I thought I would hint at it here.  I hope you like it.


  1. I liked it! Good for him not wanting a bought love. Looking forward to more.

  2. A great addition to the Steve Adderson canon - and what a tease of an ending! Brilliant.

  3. This is an interesting installment regarding Steve's story. I liked how you ended it and if definitely makes me want to know more:~)

    This was one of my favorite lines:"A bought love is worthless."

    You do a very good job of getting the voice right with your characters. For example, Lord Gwill Mawr comment, "I can offer you little coin." In addition, the interplay with your characters flows very easily. So far, I adore Armani and liked how he dug deeper into Steve's pocket. He's a fun character:~)

  4. Truly interesting and I like how you used the prompt image to help anchor a setting. Fascinating. :)

  5. Interesting movement of the story from their world to yours--the juxtaposition makes the scene more jarring.

  6. Ah,Steve still has candle burning for the elusive Elaine but gald he kept a lid on his emotions and so enchanting to find that Armani is still around:-)Lyssa,as always you kept me hooked and the best part is all your stories stand alone and may I add that I am very excited to note that you are working at this novel-I will definitely buy it when it is published-it is going to be fabulous :-)

  7. I do love a good barter. This Lord seems to have a few secrets up his sleeve, or if not, the smarts to manipulate the situation. Nicely played!