Friday, 18 May 2012

Gin O'Clock

I have just read, cover to cover, the Gin O'Clock book, based on the Twitter account of Elizabeth Windsor.  The (obviously fictional) twitter account of the Queen has the catch phrase 'gin o'clock!'

I have spent hours giggling, laughing out loud (literally) and reading snippets out to unsuspecting passers by.  I can't do the book justice, but I really recommend that if you are on twitter that you hook up - and buy the book.  It isn't by me, I wish I could write that well. 

Speaking of which, it will be about a week before I can write again.  Elizabeth Windsor has a very distinctive voice, that I sort of soak up like a sponge.  One text from today's twitter feed was, 'The King of Tonga thought Catherine was Cheryl Cole. Awkward.'  It's a terse writing style, because of twitter's constraints, and very pithy.  I am finding myself thinking in the same style and struggling not to write this blog entry in the same tone of type.  I can't just write things like, 'So he turned into a werewolf.  Awkward.'

I have the same problem when I read Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, and I have unofficially banned myself from them.  It is a shame as they are beautifully crafted, but I find myself typing in a copperplate tone of voice for weeks after.  This is one reason why I stick to reading a lot of non-fiction. 

So I am doing some research.  Currently I am dipping into some historical recipes.  After reading some of the more outrageous medieval ideas I am happy to stick to microwave meals!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Witch Hazel - thank you for the inspiration!

Witch Hazel - something you have asked re the Forgotten Village has helped me work a major plot development.  I was working on it before, but I really need to make sure you get the credit.  Thank you!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Reality check

I like to put descriptions of plants and the countryside into my work (such as it is at this stage!).  And you find yourself tapping away at a keyboard in coldest December trying to describe a sunny June and you think - hang on a minute, are there roses flowering in June or do they come later?

A few years ago I got a diary which was not specific to a year but had a page a day and I started to make notes of when I spotted bits of wildlife and flowers.  I hoped to be able to use it as a reference, so that I could think, 'hmm, this scene is in May, are the hydrangeas out?'  I made a few entries, then lost the thing. 

However, after a selection of some of the oddest weather that I can remember, where the plants must be absolutely driven made by the inconsistent weather, I have decided just to go by the textbook entries and Wikipedia.  We have just had a May bank holiday which was colder than the preceding Christmas Day!  We have drought orders and flood warnings at the same time in some places.  At the end of March we were in a heatwave, warmer than average June temperatures and all the flowers shot up.  The honeysuckle in our garden started with flower buds.  After all the cold wind and rain (and snow not so far away!) all the flower buds are gone. 

Currently the wild garlic that has been flowering a good few weeks early along the local brook is under water after all the unseasonal rain.  I hope the plants survive, they always look so cheerful at this time of year.  And I shall be careful with my plant descriptions. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Busy morning

Life is still getting between me and the writing, but one big step has been taken.  I am now registered as self employed.

The sad truth at the moment is that I am unlikely to earn enough in the current tax year to be worth taxing, or even paying National Insurance.  However it is sort of satisfying to list myself as an Author, under occupation.  Now I need to try and live up to that!

About a Kindle

Okay, just so you know, and this is definitely not a hint to buy Lyssa Medana's stuff...

You can get free apps for your computer or smart phone here  Not only can you buy books, but there are a shedload of books that are copyright free, like Treasure Island etc which are free like these.  So you could download these apps for free on your pc/phone and then get armloads of books for free from them!

There is also a thingy called Kindle Owners Lending Library where you can borrow books for free, see here.  I think you actually need the Kindle for this, but it may be worth a go, there look to be some cracking books on it.

I didn't know about this.  I haven't got a kindle.  Yet.

Not really writer's block

I have been promising myself a really big stint on the next story (provisionally titled Digging up the Past).  I had already started it and then junked it because I was unhappy with the way it was going, but I have some really good lines to take it.

I have found that as soon as you want to start writing you start distracting yourself.  I have been putting off cleaning my oven for weeks.  Suddenly it has a huge attraction.  Because obviously I need to get that clean before I do anything...

Wrong!  I will do my thousand words regardless and work around that. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Just want to say, sorry I got the pricing wrong.  It is £1.53 inclusive of VAT.  Sigh. 

It is the lowest price I can get with the pricing structure, and I think that is fair enough because it has been possible to read it online previously (although not now, Amazon have exclusive rights as per agreement).

I am just so giddy, it is an unnerving feeling, like I have just stepped out of a door and I am suddenly falling out of a skyscraper. 

I'm published!!!!

It's official, I'm selling 'The Forgotten Village' on Amazon Kindle here

I am just soooo giddy.  And thank you to whoever liked the book - OH was almost disappointed that he couldn't be the first, but just as thrilled as I am that it has been liked.

I can't keep the smile off my face, and OH is being equally giddy with me - it's brilliant.


Big step taken

I have put 'The Forgotten Village' in to be published.  It is working through and should be on the virtual shelves of the self published kindle by the end of tomorrow.

I am still worried that I have put the price too high.  It was the lowest that I could do under the royalty scheme.

Now I wait and see.  And, really important bit, get on with writing the next one. 

Friday, 4 May 2012

First post!

My very first post on my own blog about writing!

I am getting ready to upload a story called 'The Forgotten Village' to Amazon Kindle, and I am so nervous.  I really enjoyed writing it.  Mind you, I enjoy writing so much I can get fun writing a shopping list!

Uploading it is the easy bit.  Writing the next big story is the harder part.  This blog is to encourage me along the way.