Friday, 15 June 2012


I am really stuck at the moment - and of all things, by names. 

I know a lot of people.  I have a good memory for names (rotten memory for faces, so if I walk past you in the street without recognising you, I apologise in advance).  I went to two different large secondary schools, where I knew a lot of people, I went to Guide troops that recruited from different schools to those, I have lived in three very separate counties where I met and worked with a large variety of people, and worst of all - years ago I worked in a civil service position where I saw a lot of names. 

What if I accidentally use those names?

I will definitely never, ever use a name that I know, because that would be impolite.  Besides, it is more fun having characters that are completely your own.  But there are so many names rattling around the back of my head, I am scared that I may accidentally slip.  This is why I have written (but not yet published) a shedload of medieval style fantasy where I can loot Merovingian names - like Lothar (Merovingian name, also used by Charlemagne for one of his sons, sometimes written as Chlothar, for those interested).

I heard that the first writers of Coronation Street got inspiration for their characters from reading names from the tombstones in a graveyard.  I think I will visit a cemetery myself.  It does sound safer.  

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