Monday, 3 December 2012

I'll Procrastinate Later

I've just added a new box.  It is some of the works in progress.  I just have these ideas and never get around to them.  I have put them out in view (or some of them) to shame myself into getting around to doing something like actually write the bits down.

I once heard that Roald Dahl had an exercise book where he carefully noted all the ideas that he had.  I think it is an excellent idea, and at some point, when I get round to it, possibly next week, I shall set up something similar.

Something else that I could do with copying is Roald Dahl's work ethic.  He didn't even have a word processor either.  He sat down every day and worked.  Stephen King does the same.  I do agree that actually sitting down and tapping at the keyboard is the real key to success in writing.  All I need to do is start the actual tapping. 

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