Saturday, 18 May 2013


Unless you are British you have no idea of the impact of Eurovision.  My view is, c'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre and best seen through large amounts of alcohol.

Some really good songs.  I sometimes wish we were a bit less insular with music.  Then again I choked on my gin after watching the Romanian entry.

Tom Marlowe has just sent me a note saying that some of the entries do not accurately reflect centuries of proud warrior tradition.  On the other hand I think that some of the ladies' dresses show courage worthy of the finest military tradition.


  1. You had to link to the robed Romanian falsetto warlock person! I had almost convinced myself I'd imagined it, and was beginning to recover, and then I clicked that link and... *shudders*

    I did like the Icelandic entry - nice to see Thor has a second career.

    1. I thought it was very good of Thor to take time off from filming with Joss Whedon (or Kenneth Brannagh - who is doing Thor 2?)

    2. Alas, neither of those luminaries are in the chair. Thor 2 is being directed by Alan Taylor of whom I know little that Wikipedia cannot contribute. I have a feeling that Tom Hiddlestone will be the biggest draw of that film.

      Shall we write a screenplay updating the key Norse myths for a modern setting just for the Hel of it?

    3. You are the one who knows the myths best. I keep wanting to update Underworld, that was a missed chance. I'm sure the next Thor will be great! Things with a 'Tom' in generally are.

    4. You're far too kind, and rather great yourself.

      I may know the myths, but I also know your ear for dialogue and sense for character, and that would be essential. Imagine the contests between Utgard-loki's court and Thor's party set in a ruined casino in the aftermath of a mob war... damn but I want to do this.

    5. It's far too dark for me, much more your patch. I hear Christopher Ecclestone is in it as well. And thank you for the compliments - much appreciated!