Tuesday, 26 April 2016


I am having far too much fun writing.  Here's a response to a prompt from Thin Spiral Notebook (which has awesome stuff!)

They had to be here somewhere.  I didn’t need my glasses.  I could do all sorts of things without my glasses.  I could read the microwave settings.  I could tell the difference between shampoo and conditioner.  I could read large print and work the tv without my glasses. 
I moved the clutter on the bedstand.  I looked in my all the pockets of all my coats.  They weren’t in their case or my handbag.  They weren’t on top of the bathroom cabinet and they weren’t next to my knitting. 

I absentmindedly pushed my glasses up my nose and kept looking  


  1. I once thought I had lost my readers and went to get dressed to go into town to buy new ones. While in the shower, I started to wash my hair only to find I had pushed my glasses up on my head.

  2. oh, dear. I have done this, too. :)

  3. I don't even know how many pairs of glasses are in this house. Glad you are back!

  4. What a familiar feeling. :)