Thursday 8 February 2018


Another response to an amazing prompt from Our Write Side with an amazing image taken by Tara Roberts

I look around, my mind is filled
With pots and cloths and clothes and things
The clutter that comes in bags from school
The scattered stuff the postman brings

A sock hangs off the angled chair
A cup is perched right on the edge
Fingerprints on walls abound
Cat fur lines the window ledge

But if you walk across the park
And head towards the underpass
Ignore the coloured painted tags
Step round the routine broken glass

Look up, a square of pristine sky,
Windwashed leaves are dancing free,
Nothing besides, that’s all I want
The sky, the leaves and, down here, me. 


  1. So beautiful, you can write. Believe in yourself XX PS I am incredibly talented at advising people to do what I cannot! Love Sue xxxxx