Thursday 28 June 2012

Another milestone

I have my first review on Amazon - and it's a good one!  So happy!

Friday 15 June 2012


I am really stuck at the moment - and of all things, by names. 

I know a lot of people.  I have a good memory for names (rotten memory for faces, so if I walk past you in the street without recognising you, I apologise in advance).  I went to two different large secondary schools, where I knew a lot of people, I went to Guide troops that recruited from different schools to those, I have lived in three very separate counties where I met and worked with a large variety of people, and worst of all - years ago I worked in a civil service position where I saw a lot of names. 

What if I accidentally use those names?

I will definitely never, ever use a name that I know, because that would be impolite.  Besides, it is more fun having characters that are completely your own.  But there are so many names rattling around the back of my head, I am scared that I may accidentally slip.  This is why I have written (but not yet published) a shedload of medieval style fantasy where I can loot Merovingian names - like Lothar (Merovingian name, also used by Charlemagne for one of his sons, sometimes written as Chlothar, for those interested).

I heard that the first writers of Coronation Street got inspiration for their characters from reading names from the tombstones in a graveyard.  I think I will visit a cemetery myself.  It does sound safer.  

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Finally, someone else wondering the same as me

I was watching Grimm last night, and I noticed that the hero was writing up his experiences of recent encounters.  And I could have cheered.

The hero was using the same sort of book, writing by hand etc with the same pen and ink drawings, as the ones he was consulting to get information on what to do with the latest conundrum.  Finally someone other than me has thought, where do these books of wisdom come from?  Who wrote them and why?  Why aren't people still making them?  The book was shown as still continuing so that the next hero can benefit. 

Now all we need to find out is why so many vital bits of occult wisdom are on the internet, laboriously re-typed and copied (hopefully accurately) just in the nick of time for the plot of the book or film to work.  All I seem to find is 101 uses for white vinegar.