Wednesday 24 October 2012


It's surprising how much housework suddenly needs doing when you are stuck on a paragraph - even the stuff that has been ignored for ages.

It is also surprising how important it is to source exactly the right present for a birthday three months away, ebay has never been so scrutinised - yes, I am still avoiding the same paragraph.

I am going on to the reward system - if I make it to 20,000 words today, tomorrow includes a cream cake. 

Saturday 20 October 2012


I finally managed to work out how to get the copyright page to work nicely, and now I am on Smashwords as well!

It feels so odd, putting out the Forgotten Village again. However it is nice to get it out there, and I hope it reaches more people.  I also managed to pick up a typo - the shame of it!  I hate having typos and I hate having formatting errors and I hate grammar mistakes. 

Still happy with the buzz of publishing again.  Need to get writing so I can get that buzz again!