Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sun Through the Door

I have finally managed to get a response for the Light and Shade Challenge.  I always used to find Trifecta a tough challenge, and it is proving just as tough at Light and Shade - and that is a good thing.  For me it is the writing equivalent of the gym.  

photo by sulaco229 at

I stay very quiet in my cool and shady safe place
I never want to step outside into a hot and dusty place
I ask for no disturbance as I hide inside my shadow place
But sun and life and warmth keep knocking at my enclosed place

Green and growing living things are creeping in the shuttered door
The sun is inching further in as it pushes against the wooden door
I hear the noise of birds that I have kept outside my painted door
But life and love and living are pushing past the broken door. 


  1. I feel a restless contentment in your words. The wanderlust of a homebody; slightly afraid of, yet curious about what is outside. Nice.

  2. That's a great piece of writing Lyssa- and I love the poetic form, very unusual, very evocative.

  3. 'sun and life and warmth keep knocking at my enclosed place'. Beautifully expressed.