Sunday 6 July 2014

Measuring Up

Light and Shade's latest Challenge inspired me with this.

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'So how long is it?'
'It's 183cm, hold the tape still, mummy.'
'And how high is it?'
'It's 74cm.  Mummy, please hold the tape still.  Miss said you need to hold tapes still for an accurate measurement.'
'Is this okay?'
'You're not holding it straight, mummy, and that affects the measurement.  Miss said you have to hold tapes straight to get an accurate measurement.'
'How about that?'
'Thank you, mummy.  Please measure 91.5cm to the centre and 15cm out from that point on each side.'

I sighed and carried on with the most accurately constructed cardboard box den ever.  


  1. Playing in boxes. The toys that came in them, set aside for a time. It's the same all over, isn't it?

  2. A beautiful take. Something that is like a genetic memory.

  3. sometimes a box is all we needed,,well done!

  4. Kids certainly are sticklers for attention to detail :) But I have to side with the little girl/boy on this one - cardboard box dens really must be accurately assembled!

  5. Kids can be so flipping picky! This made me laugh because it reminded me of my son. HA HA This was awesome! ♥