Friday 2 February 2018

As It Should Be

Tell me again, about the fight
And how you fought it to the damnation
See me writing how you fought the fight
And I look on and nod in admiration.

Hey, look at you, I lean in closer
You fought the fight and here I am admiring
You are the destiny, I just cook the meals
You come home to a hero’s welcome

And as I scurry round to find the feast
And wonder whether the wine will last the night
Tell me again about the fight
And I’ll make sure an audience awaits.

I do a thousand thousand tiny works,
I find your shield and shirt and sword
And lay in preparations for your feast
And wonder if I’ve done enough

So here you are, hero and warrior wild
And I am grateful that you stoop to me.
You are the centre of the bardic tales
And I, peripheral, will worship thee. 


  1. Brilliant, drunk or not, absolutely brilliant.

  2. That's very moving Sybil.Beautifully written.

  3. You write better with a bit of tizzy going on than I do stone cold sober. I love it! Good on Girl! :)

  4. Love it. I often find I write better when had a few. But would not attempt art work....!!!

  5. What is it "they" says? "Write drunk, edit sober." You did justice to the image, very well done.