Thursday 2 August 2018

Tales from the White Hart

The paperback is on its way!  I have finally given up trying to lose the rogue blank page and committed.  The paperback collection of Tales from the White Hart, bundled up with Across a Misty Bridge, is now available.

I still can't believe it has happened, but here's the proof - Tales from the White Hart

I now feel almost like a 'proper' author.  It also makes me feel incredibly grateful to all those who have encouraged me and those who take the time to read the words I've written.  Thank you! 

I've decided that if I feel almost like a 'proper' author then perhaps it's time for me to act like an author.  I'm starting with a giveaway.  Leave your email address in the comments below before August 16th 2018 and I will pick a random winner and send a signed copy of 'Tales from the White Hart'.  The winner will be announced on August 21st 2018. 

If you wish to enter this giveaway and wish to receive my newsletter then let me know in the comment.  I will not add you to my mailing list unless you ask.  If you do ask, then I promise I will treat your email address with absolute care, keep it securely, never share it and I promise that if you ask to be removed from the list then I will do so straight away.  I know there are rules about keeping information, and I will be utterly conforming to the letter of them, and I will also follow the spirit of the rules and treat your information with care and respect. 

The first newsletter will come out in mid September, which gives me six weeks to learn how to do newsletters.  I'll include some chat, any news, my utter and sincere appreciation for anyone who reads the things I write and a small piece of original fiction, such as an extra chapter from one of my books, a story giving insights into a character that I use or perhaps an advance chapter in an upcoming book. 

Thank you for all the support, the encouragement and the kindness.  It has made 'Tales from the White Hart' possible. 

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